June 11, 2024

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, corporate sponsorships are more crucial than ever for associations aiming to thrive. But how do you keep sponsors engaged year-round, rather than just during annual conferences? This roundtable discussion of Association Executives led by Laura C.S. Walker, Justin Goldstein, and Lori Zoss Kraska delves into practical insights for maintaining and maximizing sponsor relationships throughout the year. Some of the key topics covered includes:

Communication Strategies: Engage Throughout the Year

This can be achieved through:

  • Regular Updates: Send monthly or quarterly newsletters featuring sponsor highlights and upcoming opportunities.
  • Personalized Emails: Targeted emails that speak directly to sponsor needs and interests can keep them engaged.
  • Social Media: Use platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to spotlight sponsors, share their content, and maintain visibility.

Webinars for and by Sponsors

Webinars offer a dynamic way to engage sponsors and provide value to your constituents. Consider:

  • Hosting Webinars by Sponsors: Allow sponsors to share their expertise with your audience.
  • Educational Webinars for Sponsors: Offer training sessions to help sponsors understand how to maximize their partnership with your association.

Rewards System for Members

A rewards system can encourage members to engage with sponsors:

  • Points-Based System: Members earn points for interacting with sponsor content, attending sponsor-hosted events, or using sponsor services.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Offer members special discounts or perks from sponsors, or for engaging with Sponsors.
  • Recognition: Publicly recognize members who actively engage with sponsors, adding a layer of prestige to their involvement.

Fun Activities Involving Sponsorships

Associations have found creative ways to integrate sponsors into fun, memorable activities. Here are some examples:

  • Virtual Scavenger Hunts: Collaborate with sponsors to create engaging, interactive scavenger hunts.
  • Sponsor-Hosted Competitions: Sponsors can host contests or challenges with attractive prizes for participants.
  • Themed Networking Events: Create themed events where sponsors can interact informally with members.

Success with Non-Endemic Partners

Sometimes, the most fruitful sponsorships come from unexpected sources. Here’s how to succeed with non-endemic partners:

  • Identify Overlapping Interests: Find common ground between your association’s mission and the sponsor’s goals.
  • Tailored Sponsorship Packages: Create packages that highlight the unique value your association can offer.
  • Case Studies: Showcase success stories of previous non-endemic partnerships to attract new sponsors.


  • Continuous Engagement: Understanding the importance of keeping sponsors engaged through regular updates, personalized emails, and active social media presence.
  • Webinar Utilization: Leveraging webinars both to provide platforms for sponsors to share their expertise and to educate sponsors on maximizing partnerships.
  • Rewards Systems: Implementing a points-based rewards system to encourage member interaction with sponsors, alongside offering exclusive discounts and public recognition.
  • Innovative Activities: Integrating sponsors into fun activities such as virtual scavenger hunts, competitions, and themed networking events to foster a memorable experience.
  • Non-Endemic Partnerships: Identifying overlapping interests with non-traditional sponsors, crafting tailored sponsorship packages, and highlighting successful case studies to attract new sponsors.

INSTRUCTOR(S): Co-Moderated Roundtable discussion lead by Laura C. S. Walker, CAE, Chief Media & Sales Officer for NAVC (North American Veterinary Community); and Justin Goldstein, CAE, Director of Corporate Relations, The Bill of Rights Institute

DELIVERY METHOD: Group Internet-Based


LEVEL: Intermediate

NASBA CATEGORY: Business Management & Organization

Subject Domain: Business Development

PREREQUISITES:  C-Level Management Experience

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