What is the cost for attending a Presidential Forum Association Executive Event?

There is no cost, however, attendance is by invitation only and outside guests are not permitted due to space limitations.

What is the capacity for each Association Executive Event?

Breakfast Roundtable Events are limited to 25-30 guests, but the specific venue would dictate the ultimate capacity. The virtual Roundtable Events (Zoom Web-conference) are limited to 100 guests. In any case, we recommend that Invitees RSVP early to guarantee a spot

Would I be permitted to invite a guest?

No. Space is limited so the Association Executive Events are strictly by Invitation Only.

What venues are used for the Presidential Forum Events?

  • City Club in Washington, DC
  • The Hay Adams, Washington, DC
  • Mid-America Club or The Metropolitan Club, Chicago, IL
  • Virtual: Zoom Web-conference

Can an association executive be recommended for invitation?

Yes, a person meeting the qualifications may be recommended by emailing

What is the format of the Presidential Forum Events?

  1. Networking from 7:30 a.m. to 7:50 a.m. Local Time (coffee/tea)
  2. Roundtable Discussion lead by peer Moderator(s) from 7:50 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Local Time (plated breakfast served).
  3. Virtual Zoom Web-conference Roundtable Discussions are generally 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time

Each Event is structured as a roundtable discussion around a specific topic(s) of interest to the group chosen in advance. Presidential Forum events are not designed as speaker- presentations. Instead, the roundtable format is designed to ensure that all attendees are contributing to the peer-to-peer discussion which is lead by a Moderator who is typically another association executive.

Will a List of Attendees be provided?

In order to maintain a Safe Environment for the participants, a list of attendees will not be published or distributed except to the attendees and sponsor.

Are any professional service providers allowed to attend?

The Events are strictly for C-Level executive of associations, except for up to 1 Sponsor organization.

How does someone qualify to become a Moderator at a Presidential Forum Event?

We seek to bring highly respected Experts to present information that is impactful and relevant to our niche audience. Any Association Executive could request to be a Moderator at a future event, and his/her expertise and content will be considered before determining if extending an invitation to moderate would be appropriate.

How does a company Sponsor a Presidential Forum Event?

Each event is generally limited to 1 Sponsor organization. For questions about Sponsorship for future Presidential Forum events, please send a request to